Besides sightseeing, eating specialties is also a must-try experience in any trip. You are in Bagan and want to taste cuisine in here, let's go these restaurants.

Bagan is located in the plains of central Burma on the Eastern bank of the Irrawaddy river. There are several options to get around in Bagan, they are: Ox cart, bicycle, car and hot air balloon.
Getting to Yangon

For most international travellers arriving to Burma, Yangon is the first destination. From outside of Burma, visitors can get to Yangon by air. From within the country, the city is connected by air, bus and train.

Since 1992, the government has encouraged tourism in the country; however, fewer than 270,000 tourists entered the country in 2006 according to the Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board.

Though the country’s foreign relations, particularly with Western nations, have been strained, relations have thawed since the reforms following the 2010 elections. After years of diplomatic isolation and economic and military sanctions

The beige-yellow splodges, swirls and spots on cheeks and foreheads means one thing: you can only be in Burma. Burma’s Thanaka Paste comes from the bark of the thanaka tree, though other species are sometimes used.
Myanmar Arts

Panbe ( the art of blacksmith ) The art of Panbe ( black smith ) is the tempering of iron in the furnace to make...
Ananda Pagoda Festival (Bagan)

There are seven states and seven divisions in Myanmar. Among them, Kachin is one of the states. which has a delightful festival known as...
History of Myanmar

Burma's History Myanmar's prehistory begins with the migration of three groups into the country: the first were Mons from what is now Cambodia, then came...
Myanmar Wedding

MYANMAR TRADITIONAL WEDDING CEREMONY Since the time of birth until they become adults. Myanmar celebrate 12 auspicious occasions. We are now going to present. one...

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Indein is a small village West of Inle Lake, known for two groups of ancient pagodas: Nyaung Ohak and Shwe Inn Thein Pagoda.

Spread out generously on eight acres of naturally cultured land, Myanmar Life Hotel is a convenient 5 minutes drive away from the Yangon International Airport.

Ananta Bagan is located in the heart of the ancient Bagan City, just beside the significant "Shwezigone Pagoda", one of the relaxing and remarkable 4 stars boutique resort which will completely make you enjoy the taste of Bagan traditional.

If you intend to travel to Myanmar with kids, this golden land will never disappoint the little companions, but it’s significant to go with some certain tips.