How to get around Bagan


Bagan is located in the plains of central Burma on the Eastern bank of the Irrawaddy river. There are several options to get around in Bagan, they are: Ox cart, bicycle, car and hot air balloon.

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Ox cart

A fun way to get around Bagan is to hire an ox cart with driver for the full day

A fun way to get around Bagan is to hire an ox cart with driver for the full day. The driver knows the area and will bring you to the temples of your choice without you having to find your own way. A cart with driver should cost around US$ 15 to 20 for a full day, some will negotiate. An oxcart is suitable for 2 people, relatively comfortable and out of the sun.



A bicycle will give the freedom to go wherever and whenever you want. It can get very hot and dusty though, especially later in the day. At some out of the way places it can be difficult to get around on a bike in the sandy desert like tracks. A bike can be rented at a little over US$ 1 per day. Bring plenty of water and apply sun cream before going out.

Car with driver

A comfortable way to get around in Bagan without being in the sun all the time is to rent a car or van with driver. For a day this should cost around US$ 50 – 60.

Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon around Bagan

A unique way to experience the grandness of the plains and its thousands of temples and pagodas is a hot air balloon ride. Flights are available from April 1 until September 30 (not available in the rainy season). A one hour flight should cost between US$ 250 and 300.

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